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Popular in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin) recently made the jump from television to the big screen with the Doze Niu Chen-Zer directed film MONGA. Earlier Siu Tin appeared on a Cable Entertainment News station interview. Siu Tin during the program talked about the production and shared his views on love and marriage.

Siu Tin expressed that the MONGA production was very exciting, unexpected and stimulating because when he at first accepted the role he did not even have a script. He said everyday at work he had to fight and injured almost every part of his body. Even he had no idea where he was hurt. At night when he bathed he was aching everywhere. Earlier Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) was rumored to be in the film. Losing the chance to work with Chairman Chou, Siu Tin said that with Chairman Chou he might not be in the film. Speaking of dispute rumors with Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting), Siu Tin said that everyone on and off screen were brothers.

Siu Tin rose to fame with FATED TO LOVE YOU but before making this series he already decided to retire from show business. He thought that he was almost 30 and had to plan for his future. He did not want to waste any more time. At the time he already called his mother, "I am coming back to properly study and not play anymore." Later a very "funny" comment changed his mind because someone asked him, "If in the future your child asks you, 'Pa, you used to act, have you been the lead actor?' You can't say you haven't, that's too embarrassing." Siu Tin called his mother again and took six months off to play his first and last male lead role. He even promised Mommy to return home and continue his education after the shoot. Yet after LOVE, he rose to fame and has not stopped working. Later he made MY QUEEN, which not only solidified his popularity but also importantly helped his blind spot in his love life. Siu Tin said that he was very subjective, a chauvinistic bully who always wanted to protect his other half. He would not care whether she needed his protection. Siu Tin would like to wed at 35, grow up with his child and looked forward to seeing his child.

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