Saturday, April 17, 2010


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Taiwan "Nine Head Body" beauty Pace Wu (Ng Pui Chi) yesterday attended her new film PRELIMINARY TRIAL's national premiere in Xian. She revealed that while working in Xian she would look at homes when she was free, and said that for now she would not marry and would not wed in secret. Despite Xian's recent "April flurry" and sudden temperature drop, Ng Pui Chi two nights ago still appeared in a short black dream. During the event she demonstrated how to pose to fans.

The entire film of PRELIMINARY TRAIL was shot in Xian. Ng Pui Chi said that she not only fell in love with Xian snacks but also the city itself. When she was free she looked around for homes and thought about buying them. When asked about her boyfriend she sweetly said, "he came to visit the set in Xian and even got heat stroke. After work I had to scrap him (Chinese medicine sunstroke treatment), so I ordered him to go back." Ng Pui Chi said that she was a feminist and would have to treat her boyfriend a little better. She said that they were not married yet but insisted against following the secret marriage trend.

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