Sunday, April 18, 2010


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Director Cheung King Wai with his documentary KJ was nominated for the 29th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards Best Pictures, New Director, Best Editing and Best Sound Effects. Earlier it succeeded at the Taiwan Golden Horse award.

First time Hong Kong Film Award nominee Cheung King Wai honestly said that he never thought about the chance t obe nominated. He was already very happy with the nomination. Yet he absolutely never thought about winning the award. "Among the Best Picture nominees I haven't seen one so I have no comparison and am not qualified to evaluate. I never thought about competition and the odds, the nomination is like winning!" He also said that although KJ has brought him achievements and recognition, his direction has not been influenced or changed. Cheung King Wai said, "I only do what I like to do, I never thought about any big investment, high budget and big star movies. I never thought about whether a film is commercial, I only want to say what I want to express through film."

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