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Gordon Chan Ka Seung, Yip Ka Bo
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The Hong Kong Film Awards ended two nights ago. Yesterday the Hong Kong Film Award chair Gordon Chan Ka Seung and ATV executive Yip Ka Bo attended a press conference. Yip Ka Bo expressed that due to the program running long, some advertising time was eliminated. The station did not calculate the resulting loss as benefiting the audience was the most important. Did he set a limit for the overrun? He said that ATV had no limit and did not receive any complaint. Speaking of the award putting TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling on camera, Yip Ka Bo said, "Ms. Lok came from the film industry herself, we have no reason not to shoot her."

Yip Ka Bo also announced that the award show average rate was 9 points (high definition rating not included), the highest rating was at the end during the Best Picture presentation when it reached 15 points. Yip Ka Bo expressed that if high definition station rating was included the rating should be 3 points higher with a peak of 18 points. Chan Ka Seung expressed that the award show live atmosphere was great and he finally could breathe a sigh of relief. He said, "Before hand I was very worried about going over time." What was the difference between this year and the previous year when ATV aired the show? He said, "Last time we beat TVB for a moment as well. The audience isn't dumb, but it also depends on how many people care about movies. Now China cares a lot about our Hong Kong Film Awards. This time's rating is greatly encouraging. Just now we walked by Central people congratulated us on the great performance. Some also asked us to send their regrets to Wai Ying Hung." He said that he appreciated ATV's arrangement this time. In the future the broadcast right can be fairly competed over between both stations and not just the big station monopoly. He also said that he has never been so respected by the media. He also knew that the program overrun would lower the rating but thanked ATV very much for its support.

That night TVB retaliated with SUPER TRIO GAME MASTER and A FISTFUL OF STANCES (TEET MA CHUM KIU) finale. In the end SUPER TRIO and FISTFUL still won in the rating. TVB divided up SUPER TRIO into two parts to air, the first part had a 25 point average rating. Then the FISTFUL series finale had a 37 point average rating and a peak of 43 point, a very ideal performance. Although SUPER TRIO won the rating it received four complaints that mainly referred to the games being crass, vulgar and delinquent to minors, dangerous and prone to injury. FUN WITH LIZA AND GODS (CHEUN GA FOK LOK SAU) received three viewer praises but still some viewers complained that Ah Jeh's singing was bad.

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