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Dior Cheng Yi Kin yesterday held a press conference for his June Macau concert. The event arranged for Venetian singers and three children who appeared in Ekin's classic costumes. The child who was dressed like YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI)'s Ho Nam fell, Ekin immediately consoled him. The event attracted several dozen media outlets including TVB pay station. As a four major record company singer and TVB artist Ekin received a TVB ban lift.

Ekin honestly said that his identity was special. After communicating he received TVB coverage. Will he accept ATV and Cable interview in Cantonese? He said, "Maybe not singing because I have to respect my contract. As for film promotions I will speak Cantonese."

Ekin next year will perform a Hong Kong Coliseum concert. Later he will perform in Japan. The North American stops are in negotiation. As for concert guests, he declined to reveal who they will be but expressed that Jordan Chan Siu Chun will be working and will not be able to be his concert guest. His girlfriend Yoyo Mung Ka Wai will not either.

In addition, the Felix Chong Man Keung directed dark humor mob film ONCE A GANGSTER (FEI SA FUNG JUNG SHUEN) stars Wise Guys Cheng Yi Kin and Chan Siu Chun, but this time they are walking Wise but playing for laughs instead.

Ekin said, "The first YOUNG AND DANGEROUS was 14 years ago, wow....Siu Chun and I have become Wise Men! Why would we bother to fight to be the boss? Thus this movie is about us not wanting to compete to be the boss. The story is pretty interesting. When I took the role I didn't know about Chan Siu Chun's part. The director deliberately kept it from the two of us. Once at a script negotiation when I saw Chan Siu Chun it was quite a pleasant surprise!"

Candy Yu On On this time played Cheng Yi Kin's mother. She said, "When I took this film I didn't know my son would be Cheng Yi Kin. Because I only had a daughter, I always thought I don't know how to play a mother with a son. Earlier I turned down two films, but this character was too challenging. I played a mother with a drug habit, which to me was very challenging!"

Cheng Yi Kin joked, "I remember the first day at work, Sister On On said to me very seriously and pleaded for me to shave. Because she had to play my mother, I had to look younger and not to make her look older. I immediately rushed to shave!" Siu Chun praised Sister On On as a super hot Mommy. "The last time I worked with Sister On On, she was very hot in a bikini. This time I didn't expect her to go so far as the Wise Ma. I felt I had another rival in the Wise world!"

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