Sunday, April 18, 2010


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Stepping into show business at 17, he has been here for 32 years. Last year he directed BODYUGARDS AND ASSASSINS which earned 18 nominations as well as his first Best Director nomination. However he felt that the award was not a personal achievement and was not the most important. Because completely BODYGUARDS was like dropping off two boulders from his shoulders, since it was a major burden in life.

As for this year's Hong Kong Film Award, he did not want to evaluate his own odds but would like Peter Chan Ho Sun to with Best Picture with the film. He thanked Leung Ka Fai for performing in BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS. "Ka Fai waited ten years for the role. Finally I gave it to Hu Jun. He did not mind. (Which one is your pick for Best Actor?) Wang Xueqi, very few Hong Kong actor achieve his character's aura! The Supporting Actor I pick ACCIDENT'S Fung Shui Wai, the Supporting Actress I pick Fan Bingbing. (Why?) They like Tse Ting Fung gave up a lot for the character, 100% more than usual!"

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