Monday, April 26, 2010


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The Artists 414 Fund Raising Campaign took place between 6 and 11 PM last night at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Gordon Chan Ka Seung and others around 2PM led several dozen on and off screen people in a worship ceremony back stage. Before cutting the roast pig, everyone first held a moment of silence for the Qinghai earthquake victims and saluted the late Hong Kong rescue hero Wong Fok Wing's photo.

Chan Ka Seung first thanked the singers for coming to the rehearsal early on. Big stars like Eason Chan Yik Shun, Andy Lau Tak Wa and Sun Nan were even at the event's disposal so he thanked them very much. Due to too many performing groups, a conservative estimate of over 85 segments, performance time was in shortage and certain media performance had to be cut short and merged into group performance. Thus TVB, ATV, and Cable contract artists might share the stage. Chan Ka Seung expressed that a performance extension would not only be a Hong Kong Coliseum issue but also security issue, because at 11PM the audience had to be let out.

The event began admission at 4PM. Although a minimum donation of 100 was required, many generously donated 500 and 1,000. Each person received electric candle stand and wristbands. Due to the venue's 6,000 seat limit, some arrived at the Hong Kong Coliseum as early as 10AM to line up. A Mr. Cheng revealed that he donated 200 and came in support due to Wong Fok Wing's sacrifice. He felt people of Hong Kong were very lucky. However due to rain last night, in the end only 40% of the audience came. The day's meal boxes and water as well as the worship ceremony's roast pigs were all sponsored.

Last night Alan Tam Wing Lun not only performed with the Wynners but also served as a runner and a donation call operator as he followed the event arrangements. In order to support the Wynners and Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To)'s duet with his daughter Chung Yi, their friends donated 900,000, including Cally Kwong Mei Lai who donated 100,000. Alan earlier participated in the fund raiser in Qinghai and praised the locals as very passionate. On one night they raised 1 billion yuan. CCTV raised even more. however he thought fund raising was not a competition and should not be measured with money. This show business fund raising campaign represented of the hearts of the Hong Kong people. He expressed that he had no plan to visit the disaster area yet, but was ready to follow orders at any time. This year was also the Sichuan earthquake second anniversary and last week he will begin recording a song. Reportedly they were in the VIP room. Alan denied and said, "Of course not! I just sat in the alley and ate noodle and bun!"

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  1. what is the song that eason sang with a guy during the concert