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The Huang Xiaoming, Edison Chen Koon Hei, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) starred film SNIPER (SUN CHEUNG SAU) was not released in the Mainland, but after box office success in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, it has been imported in France, Japan and other places. On the 17th it was officially released in Japan. At the same time Huang Xiaoming's television series SHANGHAI BUND after beginning a "Chinese fever" in 2008 has been aired again in Japan.

Turning his attention to the big screen in recent years, Huang Xiaoming had quite a full harvest. In THE MESSAGE he made an elegant turn around as the Japanese military order Takeda. The just released IP MAN 2 also received rave reviews. FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 will be on the way this summer. THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO is in production for a New Year release. Ge You and Huang Xiaoming thus have become two of the top ten male stars with the most box office draw in Asia.

Huang Xiaoming's 2007 Hong Kong film SNIPER in the end was not released in the Mainland. It was released during Easter 2009 in Hong Kong and won both raves and box office. Due to Huang Xiaoming's influence in Asia, Japan made a large scale import of his work and set up a special site to recommend it. SNIPER thus has become a big hit in Japan.

Huang Xiaoming and Donnie Yen Chi Tan's IP MAN 2 was scheduled for a release on the 29th. At the advanced screening on the 27th, every show was sold out. As the University student film festival opening film, viewers commented that "Yen Chi Tan was responsible for IP MAN, Huang Xiaoming was responsible for 2" either due to Huang Xiaoming's new character "Wong Leung" in IP MAN 2 or his success in bringing this green character to live. Viewers called the film a "wonderful mix of kung fu and comedy". Huang Xiaoming was responsible for the comedy. His anger and enthusiasm in the second part of the film led to numerous applause in the cinemas.

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