Monday, April 26, 2010


Connie Chan Bo Chu

In Memory of Yushu: Public Mourning Area with a photo of Wong Fok Wing
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Connie Chan and her son (left)
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Wong Fok Wing gave his life to save others. Yesterday at the Artist 414 Fund Raising Campaign, Ah Fok's idol Connie Chan Bo Chu on stage read a letter from Ah Fok's third sister. She cheered on the victims from afar and continued to extend Ah Lok's selfish spirit. Sister Bo Chu and her son Yeung Tin King read, "Ah Wing: you have always been low key, feeling that something that an ordinary person should do does not need to be announced. The last time when you walked to Beijing to raise fund for the blood cancer and bone marrow registry, you said that you hoped to spread the message through the media and let life affect life. I think, you would like me to tell your little story to others, sow the seed in hopes of even more compassionate people would help the children in need in the country.

In 2002, the media also reported your white blood red heart project extension Hong Kong walk to Beijing. Our entire family proudly walked the final stretch from Lugou Bridge to Beijing and raised a lot of money for the country's and Hong Kong bone marrow registry and blood cancer patients. whether the poor mountain region children in the Mainland or thriving Hong Kong people, you wished that they can achieve this project slogan 'Respect Life, Treat Life Kindly'!

After the Sichuan earthquake, you participated in some national assistance work. Finally you excitedly walked this road. I know, even if you get to choose again, you will still walk this road, trying to save others after you escape!

Ah Wing, we will continue to do your good deeds!

Third Sister
April 15 2010 evening"

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