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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)

Carrie Lam Lei

Raymond Wong Pak Ming (center) with his children
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Donnie Yen and Financial Secretary John Tsang knew each other long ago
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Kent Cheng Juk Si, Louis Fan Siu Wong and others starred, Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed film IP MAN 2 two nights ago held its premiere. Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun, the film consultant Ip Chun and others attended. Other guests included TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, artists Christine Kuo Wan Wai, Sharon Chan Man Chi, model Balia Chan Pui Ka and her husband, Theresa Fu Wing, Law Chung Him and Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah. In response to the Artists 414 Fund Raising Campaign, Mandarin film company boss Cheng Keung Fai announced that the April 28 advanced screening box office proceeds will be donated to the victims.

Yen Chi Tan's wife also attended. Chi Tan expressed because it was so late, his children had school the next day and did not come. He expressed absolute confidence in this film as its box office should be higher than the first. He said, "Usually the first film's box office is better than the second, this time should be the exception." Speaking of rumors that Huang Xiaoming due to cut scenes did not attend the Hong Kong premiere, Chi Tan said, "I was just with him two nights ago, he is working on Chen Kaige's new film. Earlier in Shanghai and Beijing he promoted heavily, absolutely without any scene cut rumors. Yesterday he and I just attended a press conference, he was very excited." Did he know if Huang Xiaoming did not want to come to Hong Kong due to rumored girlfriend Angelababy? Chi Tan said that he had no idea who he would look for as he did not ask about his personal life. He said, "He always looks for me when he comes to Hong Kong, are you saying to say that we are gay? Single people relationships are very normal." Did he feel that Xiaoming look like he was in love? He said, "He has always been famous and popular with girls, this is not surprising at all." Chi Tan expressed that he knew two nights ago Wong Pak Ming held a birthday party. He already prepared a gift as every year he would celebrate with him.

Wong Pak Ming expressed that he has seen the film twice in the Mainland and broke down both times. He said actually he did not celebrate his birthday often. Because he invited many friends to the premiere, his children arranged for him to celebrate with friends after the premiere. It was not his actual birthday. He expressed that his birthday wish was to make more good movies and have good health, good future for his children. Did he want any grandchildren? He said that his daughter will wed in September. He also denied that Xiaoming was absent from the Hong Kong premiere due to the scene cut. He was the Mainland's most popular young actor, with many movies and ad campaigns on hand. His absence was understandable. Will a third film be made? He expressed that it had to stop for awhile.

Hung Doi Lam two nights ago arrived in flats. She expressed that she would like others to see her height so even more people would make her film offers. Was she accommodating Chi Tan? She said no, Chi Tan was very broad minded. Has her rumored boyfriend Aaron Kwok Fu Sing complain about her height? She said no. Will she ask Sing Sing to see the movie? She said, "Not today, today is the charity show. I think I will ask after the release." Will she ask Sing Sing to get a ticket himself? She said not necessarily. Would she like to give Sing Sing a ticket? She said, "I have to see whether I have any, but we probably won't see it together." Hung Doi Lam honestly said that she would ask Sing Sing for advice because his acting was great and he was a Best Actor. She could accept his advice and learn more.

The film company two nights ago held a premiere party, Chi Tan and his wife attended as well as Hung Doi Lam, Wang Yuanyuan, Kristy Yang Kung Yu and Theresa Fu Sing attended.

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