Saturday, November 20, 2010


Terry Lai, John Zhu
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The John Zhu (Chu Ka Yun)'s digital company, Centro Digital, produced eight minute short film THE DREAM JOURNEY earlier was shown at the United Arab Emirates Hall at the Shanghai World Expo. According to the survey it was the most popular among the 189 halls. Intercontinental thus arranged for the short film to be screened in Hong Kong cinemas from yesterday to December 3 before every film.

Yesterday a premiere was held at the MCL Causeway Bay, Guests included Leisure and Cultural Service Department chief Fung Ching Suk Yi, Centro Digital chief Chu Ka Yun, Intercontinental executive Terry Lai and others. Chu Ka Yun honestly said that he felt very happy that the short film was able to jump out of the UAE Hall to be shared with Hong Kong
viewers. Speaking of the two week only screening, he said, "Cinema owners are considering added shows. If the response is good that they might even have early shows. Ultimately this is a Hong Kong production." He said with the recent fever for the animated version of the RIVERSIDE SCENE AT QINGMING FESTIVAL he is planning to screen other short films that
has been shown at the World Expo in Hong Kong.

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