Tuesday, November 23, 2010


courtesy of takungpao.com

Joe Chen Qiao-En and Peter Ho Yun Tung earlier officially joined Filmko. According to Filmko, as early as two years ago the company has been in touch with both. At the time Qiao-En focused on television. At the end of last year she decided to switch to the Mainland and the big screen. Since she and her former management company parted ways peacefully, she was able to work with Filmko. As for Ho Yun Tung who always had a dream to direct, since several years ago he has been looking for the right company to work with. Filmko last year opened a branch in Taiwan. He discovered that Filmko was willing to try fresh topics and thus they decided to unite in less than two meals.

Reportedly Filmko's fantasy epic THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) also helped the contract signings. Two years ago when the film was brewing, Qiao-En and Ho Yun Tung have already decided to play Princess Iron Fan and Erlang Shen. Thus THE MONKEY KING was a welcome gift for them. As for their future direction and development, Filmko said that Ho Yun Tung already had very successful attempts and experience as a producer. The company also hoped to be able to fulfill his director dream. Qiao-En hoped through more excellent film characters and big films to create her big screen image.

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