Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ann Hui predicts BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS will sweep at the Golden Horse Awards
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Ann Hui On Wa yesterday attended the Hong Kong Institute of Education 16th degree presentation. She received the honorary humanities doctorate degree. The ceremony took place at 3PM. Ann wore a doctor robe and sat with other guests. After the ceremony they tossed their caps. The Hong Kong Institute of Education dean Professor Cheung Bing Leung read off Hui On Wa's film industry achievements and contributions. He said that this time Hui On Wa received the honor mainly for her extraordinary film industry achievements. She once spent all of her savings to make a movie. With the passion and determination of "only liking to make stories into movies" she had her achievements today.

Ann also has won countless awards, with BOAT PEOPLE, SUMMER SNOW and NIGHT AND FOG she won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Director three times. She also won the 19th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize Grand Prize for her contribution in preserving and creating Asian culture. Ann said that she was very happy to receive this honor. In the past she has received similar honors but this was the first doctorate degree. She said that she would celebrate by dining with her mother. As for her future film development, she said that she would keep working if she could until she could no longer.

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