Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Max Zhang Jin, Ada Choi Siu Fun
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Ada Choi Siu Fun and Mainland actor Max Zhang Jin have been married for over two years. Yesterday Zhang Jin attended a press conference and suddenly announced good news that his wife Ada was pregnant.

Zhang Jin, Eric Suen Yiu Wai yesterday attended the gospel film TEAM OF MIRACLE: WE WILL ROCK YOU (LAU LONG HONG SAI GAI BUI) celebration to announce the film winning the Chinese American Film Festival Golden Angel Award. Zhang Jin also announced another piece of good news. His wife Ada was pregnant. Everyone was happy for Zhang Jin as Suen Yiu Wai and others congratulated him. He accepted his good friends' well wishes.

The soon to be father Zhang Jin could not be happier. He said that he just learned from his wife so he was not at liberty to discuss any detail. He also said that he was not afraid the baby being petty because they were Christians and did not believe in such superstition. Ultimately he had something joyous to share with everyone.

When Ada just took a Mainland series role, she still had to work on it in the Mainland. Yet because she did not have to work over these few days so she returned to Hong Kong to rest. As a husband Zhang Jin felt very helpless. Since the job was taken long ago she could not turn it down, otherwise she would have to compensate the production. Zhang Jin said that the series will be completed by the Lunar New Year. Then Ada will be able to return to Hong Kong. Zhang Jin has always spoiled Ada. Before she was pregnant he already hired three to four assistants to help her. Now he would hire several more assistants to take care of his wife's everyday life. Zhang Jin asked Ada to be careful and has been very attentive.

As for changes, Zhang Jin said that Ada's temper has always been lacking. Now with the pregnancy it is even worse. Luckily he understood that pregnant women were emotional. His wife has begun to feel nauseous. Has Ada become the queen at home? Zhang Jin joked, "Actually she also plays a queen in the series. Now she wants me to wait on her all the time, but I am very glad to!" Zhang Jin now has to work hard for milk money. How did he reward his wife? He said, "Normally I constantly give her gifts, so I don't have any special reward." Zhang Jin said that the baby will be born in Hong Kong.

Suen Yiu Wai was interested in investing in a several million dollar religious film. He has already come up with three stories. He hoped that the actors will take a pay cut to perform, a friendship price would be the best. Will he ask girlfriend Macy Chen Mei Si to help? Eric joked that if she did not take a salary he would consider reserving a character for her.

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