Friday, November 19, 2010


Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Chin Siu Ho
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in her new film VAMPIRE WARRIORS (GEUNG SI SUN JIN SI) played father and daughter with Chin Siu Ho. In the film they had many martial art wire scenes, which were of course not difficult for Brother Siu Ho. Chrissie however honestly said that they were somewhat tough! However, Siu Ho praised Chrissie's strong ability to understand, intelligence and professionalism, stating that the girl was not just a "shell"!

VAMPIRE is already Chrissie's fourth film. Playing a vampire, Chrissie not only had to wear red contact lenses and fake teeth but also thick costumes in the heat. In the film she also had a lot of fight and wire scenes, she even injured her neck!

Which scene was the hardest? Chrissie said without hesitation. "In one scene I had to hang on wires from two stories up to the ground. Before the shoot I thought it would be very easy but actually it was very hard! Every time I landed I missed my mark, I almost ran into the camera. I am still shaken from that! In another scene I was completely upside down, during the shoot the gravity not only caused a wardrobe malfunction but also sent the blood rushing to my head. I was very dizzy and frustrated!" Although it was tough, Chrissie became interested in becoming an action actress. "After working with Brother Siu Ho and Brother Yuen Wah this time, I learned a lot about fight scenes. I learned that in a fight scene not only did I have to mind the action but also my voice and facial expressions. Now I know how to make a pretty pose without being all sissy. The result is even more convincing. This time I truly benefited a lot! Because of that I become interested in action, during the shoot I even learned self defense from Brother Siu Ho and Brother Yuen Wah. You know, I am working all the time and going home alone at night."

What is Brother Siu Ho's evaluation of Chrissie? He praised, "Although she is new, she is very willing to learn, very obedient, very professional, the most important is she is very smart, very able to comprehend. She is not just a shell, she also has something inside! She is very punctual on the set, she doesn't have to be rushed and invited. Honestly in my 30 years in the business I ran into many young actresses who were reluctant. They really thought the shoot was too
tough, turned around and ran!" Brother Siu Ho honestly said about Chrissie's past pictorial collection, "Honestly I really don't recognize more of the young models, but before working together I was able to recognize her. (Were you unable to recognize your son's former girlfriend
Mia?) Right! She came to the set and gave my a pictorial collection, I still haven't opened the seal on it yet!"

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