Saturday, November 27, 2010


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Already in release, the film BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER's scaffolding scene near the end was the most shocking. The team built a 20 meter long scaffold and a tile roof top climb and used nearly 50 extras. Action director Chin Kar Lok kept urging everyone to be careful with every step. Any misstep would lead to a ten meter fall to the ground or severe injury from the scaffold. Thus the entire team was on a level ten alert.

In this scene Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and his buddies MC Jin and Hanjin Tan had to climb a ten meter tall building to dodge villain Wilfred Lau Ho Lung. Yet Lau arrived with a gang so they had to perform a dangerous chase on the roof. Because the roof was constructed with tiles and was unstable, Chin Kar Lok warned the actors about some areas of the roof that they absolutely should avoid.

Already injured before the shoot Lee Chi Ting paid extra attention during the shoot. Unfortunately in the end he still could not avoid aggravating the old wound, which started bleeding again. Lau Ho Lung had to jump from the ten meter high rooftop to the ground. He was very worried before hand but after several stunt coordinators' instructions he was able to finish the shot in one take.

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