Monday, November 29, 2010


Sandra Ng, Louis Koo
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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Peter Chan Ho Sun, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun)
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The holiday film MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLES (SUN KEI HUP NUI) leads Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and producer Peter Chan Ho Sun yesterday held a crystal Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Central's Statue Square.

Goo Jai and Kwan Yu were the Hong Kong Tourism Board's 2010 Hong Kong WinterFest promotional ambassador. They even provided their voices to the WinterFest animation short films and said that they will spend this Christmas in Hong Kong. Kwan Yu even joked, "Tourists will not only see Jackie Chan (Hong Kong travel ambassador) but also me and Goo Jai. (Are
you trying to steal Jackie Chan's job?) It's volunteering, it doesn't pay!" Goo Jai said that he will have a Christmas feast with his family. He has been single for many Christmases already. This year will he ask Kwan Yu to introduce someone to him? Kwan Yu said, "It's me! I am both
girlfriend and wife! (Then what is your husband Chan Ho Sun?) Family!" Kwan Yu also honestly said that she wanted to glittering gift, Chan Ho Sun also said that she knew what to buy.

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