Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Sandy Lam San San revealed on the radio that she once asked Andy Lau Tak Wa to borrow HK300 and he agreed with hesitation.
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Gong Li, Andy Lau Tak Wa
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gong Li starred WHAT WOMEN WANT will be released in Hong Kong on Valentine's Day 2011. The film yesterday held a global trailer premiere and attracted over 200 different media outlets. The leads appeared in many looks to coordinate with the films trendy and modern background. Gong Li had over 30 costumes in the film and spent a lot of time on changing alone. However Gong Li said that she was more fortunate than unfortunate to be able to wear so many pretty clothes.

Based on the foreign film of the same title, was Wa Jai afraid of comparison between the two films? Wa Jai said that he certainly had pressure due to the success of the previous one. Yet this adaptation has added a lot of trendy elements and popular topics. He believed that it can break through the original framework and give a different feeling to viewers.

Wa Jai was asked to perform the romantic scene in which he sang for Gong Li. The crowd raved and Gong Li was very touched, as if she was back in the film again. They also traded compliments. Wa Jai said, "Years ago I ran into Gong Li at an event and I was under her spell. I always wanted to find an opportunity to work together. I never expected to have to wait for 20 years! Now finally it has arrived. I believe that as long as there is a dream, one day it will come true. Today's Gong Li is even prettier than back then. From her I truly understand what is a never aging legend." Gong Li also said that actually she has always admired Wa Jai, thought that his acting was better than many trained actors. Thus she was very happy about this collaboration.

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