Thursday, November 11, 2010


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Ella Koon Yun Na two nights ago put on a wedding gown and over 1 million in Cartier diamond jewelry to attend a magazine promotional event. Just completing her stage work, Koon Yun Na said now she is busy with new film MERRY GO ROUND (DUNG FUNG POR) promotion. Earlier the premiere was held. Koon Yun Na said, "At the premiere I saw (Chapman) To Man Jat and Lam Man Chung in the audience watching our work. They both praised the new film came out great. I want to go to the movies one day in disguise to see audience reaction. Even if the audience would yell at us for not making a good film, that would be fine. I would accept it and make improvements." Koon Yun Na said that her family attended the premiere as well. They of course had nothing but praise. Her biggest surprise was some viewers pointed out that she looked prettier on camera than in real life.

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