Monday, November 22, 2010


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The 47th Golden Horse award ended last Saturday, but after the face rumors were still numerous. Not only was the result under accusations of everyone getting a piece, but the results were rumored to have been leaked. One of the judges Cecilia Yip Tung yesterday promoted her new series in Taipei. After a long time away from the Taiwan series, she honestly said that this time she took the role because of the script and the character. She also was very glad to work with a new generation of Taiwan actors. As for the rumor that the Golden Horse Award results were leaked early, she found it hard to believe. Because the jury process was tightly under lock and key, even she did not know the results and she did not know why such a rumor would exist. As for the newly crowned Best Actor Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin), Yip Tung had high praises for him and his full display of inner emotions in MONGA. He had endless potential and she looked forward to working with him.

In addition, famous director Cheung Tso-Chi who won four major awards including Best Feature Film yesterday attended a Jonathan Lee Chung Sing promoted Simply Life Festival press conference and shared his thoughts on life. As for the media suspicion that the Golden Horse Award results gave a piece to everyone, Cheung Tso-Chi said that he was nominated previously as well but went home empty twice. He believed the jury was fair and he had confidence in the Golden Horse Award committee.

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