Thursday, November 11, 2010


Manfred Wong (Man Jun), Lee Chau Yuen, Christy Chung Lai Tai, Robert Lee Chun Fai, Lee Chau Fung and her husband
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Yesterday Bruce Lee's family including sisters Lee Chau Yuen, Lee Chau Fung and brother Robert Lee Chun Fai attended an autograph session of Lee Chun Fai's Bruce Lee biography. Christy Chung Lai Tai who also played Bruce Lee's mother in the film BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER also promoted.

Lee Chau Yuen said that when they were little and had ice cream, Bruce Lee dropped his ice cream and immediately wanted hers. She made a face at him. His other sister also said that Bruce Lee was a prank expert at home, specializing in telling jokes to cheer others up. Lee Chun Fai also praised Manfred Wong (Man Jun)'s unique insight because the characters and sets in the film were very real. Every time they visited the set they would be moved to tears.

Chung Lai Tai said that this was her first mother role. She said, "Actually when I was approached with the role I just had my third daughter for a few months, I still haven't returned to form yet. So I thought I was very suitable to play a mother. I even asked if I had any fight scene. They said I would but only as discipline for the children." Chung Lai Tai also said that the production was during the summer vacation so her daughters visited the set. She also said that they had a lot of fun with the child stars in the film. Chung Lai Tai also said that she has not made a film in six years, thus she was very excited about attending the premiere. Would she permit her daughters to join the business? She answered, "My second daughter is very strong in impersonation. If she will want to join the business in the future, I will support her."

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