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Theresa Fu Wing, Lam Ka Tung, Terry Robin Kwan and Lee Lik Chi yesterday attended THE FLINTY POST EIGHTIES SHOW -- The 1st Hong Kong Tertiary Institutes Film Student Festival. Fu Wing said that she has been in the business for eight years but she still is a new comer in film perhaps due to infrequent film participation. She honestly said that she would like the chance to direct, but only music videos. For now she still lacked experience to make movies.

Theresa has made few films over her eight year career. Was it because her previous company Gold Label put all of its resources on Stephy Tang Lai Yun? She awkwardly said, "I think my luck with film hasn't arrived yet. Now I am signed with a film company, I hope to perform even more. Hopefully I can work on some challenging characters like mental patients, comedy, or action films."

Lam Ka Tung earlier produced GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI), which had decent responses. He said that he will have the chance to produce two films that might even be Andy Lau Tak Wa investments. He said, "This time I have the guts to make them." Was the investment amount increased? Ka Tung honestly said that it probably would be. Speaking of Wong Tin Lam's passing, Ka Tung said that they worked together on ELECTION (HAK SEH WUI). At the time Uncle Tin Lam shared a lot of experience and he sensed Uncle Tin Lam's relationships with his disciples. He said that Uncle Tin Lam would say that no matter what Johnnie To Kei Fung made, in Uncle Tin Lam's eyes it was all minor. Ka Tung pointed out that Uncle Tin Lam was an elder who was worthy of respect and he would take time to attend his funeral. In addition, yesterday Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei was supposed to attend. Earlier Wong Ka Hei caused a storm when he said that Raymond Lam Fung still did not have afirm footing in the film industry. Yesterday he did not attend.

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