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When Andy Lau Tak Wa and Jackie Chan wrapped up production on SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI), the team arranged for a group of little martial art monks to bid them farewell with singing and dancing. Wa Jai led the team to pose for a group picture in front of the Buddha altar. Jackie Chan sang his farewell and cooked heart warming Tang Yuan to bring sweetness to everyone's hearts.

Wa Jai said that over several months the team got along pleasantly, thus he hoped to take a group photo with everyone before leaving. Yet he was afraid of getting everyone together at once would be tough, thus after the final shot, he asked for a "surprise" group photo. He did not expect the atmosphere to be so high spirited. The photo was even taken in front of Buddha, truly leaving an unforgettable memory. At the same time, Wa Jai and Jackie Chan were reluctant to leave the group of little monks. The monks bid Jackie Chan farewell with a kung fu demonstration and sang for Wa Jai as well. Four young monks said CHINESE KUNG FU while demonstrating kung fu. They even drew a card for Wa Jai. Finally the little monks said to Wa Jai, "We will never forget Brother Wa!" Hearing that, Wa Jai grew soft as he held the little monks and said tearfully, "Don't cry! Don't cry! We will see each other again, I will treat you to see my concert in Hong Kong at the end of the year? Then we will see each other again!"

Jackie Chan who only guest starred for seven days asked the team to cook a few pots of red bean Tang Yuan before leaving to share the sweetness with everyone. After the little monk performance, as they said goodbye to Big Brother they all suddenly cried. The youngest one, Xiaolong, cried the most. Big Brother immediately consoled each and every one of them. Yet before he even opened his mouth, Xiaolong cried intensely and said, "Men have their moment of sadness too!" Originally sadden, Big Brother did not know whether to laugh or to cry over Xiaolong's unexpected "golden words".

Jackie Chan two nights ago attended the Golden Horse Awards and originally planned to leave yesterday. However because he heard many Hong Kong friends recommending the Taipei Flora Expo, he changed his itinerary and personally experienced the event. Yesterday Jackie Chan brought a camera for the flowers and even gave friendly hand shakes to people. He was in a great mood. Speaking of Yuen King Tin winning Best Actor with his first nomination, Jackie Chan said that after the Best Actor award his salary would rise and he would have many script and film offers. Thus he must select carefully because it was not easy to make a good movie. He
wished Siu Tin would keep working hard and increase his own value. Jackie Chan also said that his film 1911 (XINHAI REVOLUTION) will be completed in March next year.

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