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The young monks did not recognize Andy Lau after he shaved his head
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Andy Lau Tak Wa in SHAOLIN had a scene in which he shaved his head to become monk. Wa Jai picked up a pair of scissors in front of the mirror and began to cut. In a few short minutes he cut all all of his hair in one take. Even Jackie Chan who witnessed the scene before the camera could not help but be amazed at Wa Jai's handiwork. Jackie Chan even immediately collected Wa Jai's hair and said, "Wa Jai's hair of course must be properly collected for e-bay auction. How rare it is to get Wa Jai's hair!"

At first Wa Jai in order to avoid affecting other jobs considered wearing a bald cap. Later he worried about the result not being real enough so he decided to shave his head. Since Wa Jai was willing, director Benny Chan Muk Sing added the scene into the film. On the day of the shoot, every worker was extra nervous because they only had one shot. Even Jackie Chan could not help but ask Wa Jai, "Are you OK?" Wa Jai calmly responded, "Relax, I have a lot of hair. It's enough to cut, don't worry!"

Wa Jai said about Jackie Chan, "Originally he wanted to shave his head too, but he had a shampoo ad on hand so he couldn't. I tried to persuade (Fan) Bingbing to shave as well! The hair that grows back will be shinier and softer." After Wa Jai shaved his head, the first question
he asked everyone was not whether he looked good bald. "Am I very fat?" Thus he decided to run before the performance so he would be thinner. Even with the shaved head his face would not look swollen.

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