Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ge You, Huang Xiaoming
courtesy of takungpao.com

Opening nationwide on December 4, the film SACRIFICE (ORPHAN OF ZHAO) yesterday held an official site launch in Beijing. Director Chen Kaige led actors Ge You, Wang Xueqi, Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wen Zhou, Hai Qing, Zhao Wenhao and others to make the appearance.

The event took a question and answer format to explain each character's relationship. Earlier this month Ge You responded to many questions with "can't accept". Huang Xiaoming who had the most scenes with him in the film seemed to have inherited the ability. Facing the host's exaggerated compliment, he immediately "can't accept" it. As for why he ruined his own image with an ugly scar on his face, Huang Xiaoming said, "Hopefully this chop opened up Huang Xiaoming's existing image so everyone could see my nature as an actor."

Because in the film Huang Xiaoming had two looks before and after the scar, someone online made a two faced Han Jue (Huang Xiaoming's role) -- half angelic, half demonic Huang Xiaoming. The host asked whether Huang Xiaoming liked himself as the angel or the demon, Huang Xiaoming honestly said, "I like the feeling of being the demon because his kind deed makes him beautiful."

ORPHAN OF ZHAO described a 15 year struggle between Cheng Ying, Tu Anjia and Han Jue over the Orphan of Zhao. Such a guy movie actually made two "couples". Since the start of the production, two Best Actors Ge You and Wang Xueqi were rumored to be acting on screen and feuding off screen. They hug and dispelled the dispute rumor. Wang Xueqi even said, "I like Ge You too much, we are more and more like a couple". When asked about the "couple" feeling, Ge You joked, "This is speculation, Xiaoming and I can speculate on the spot now. To talk about the feeling, we are more like a couple.....we often drink a little, chat a little, at night we constantly go to the same place." Huang Xiaoming coordinated and responded, "Then who is the husband and who is the wife?" Ge You looked at Huang Xiaoming's facial hair and said, "The one with facial hair is the husband." Then he said, "That's wrong, in this film we all have facial hair!"

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