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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi starred holiday film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI) two nights ago shot in Causeway Bay with first time comedy actor Chi Tan and Ka Ling. Since it was dinner time, over 100 pedestrians and tourists looked on. With an iPhone in hand Ka Ling even turned into a "young model" and made Hong Kong girl poses. People could not recognize her.

Yen Chi Tan has always made action films. In recent years after making a name for himself with IP MAN he had endless offers. This time he chose to abandon kung fu to work on Raymond Wong Pak Ming's holiday film ALL's WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI) and head for a comedy transition. Being able to work with Ka Ling, Chi Tan tried to make time to stay in Hong Kong and work on ALL'S despite having to return to Beijing to work on THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG). Two nights ago they worked outside the Causeway Bay Sogo Department Store. As it was dinner time and the team was quite intense about the production progress, a dozen or so workers tangled with some media on hand. Many gathered to take photos as well. The scene was chaotic. With red hair and a black hat, Ka Ling became a young model and made many cute Hong Kong girl poses. The team also arranged for many extras to play photographers who fought to take photos. Ka Ling also had a trendy product iPhone and looked very cool. Chi Tan arrived later and screamed, "Someone had a wardrobe malfunction" and took the chance to come to her rescue. In addition, Ka Ling's costume was refreshing, even people from Hong Kong could not recognize her and asked reporters for explanations.

Emperor film LET THE BULLETS FLY will soon be released. The Jiang Wen directed, superstars Ge You, Chow Yun Fat, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Chen Kun, Hu Jun starred film even confirmed the theme song to be a duet with Ge You and Lau Ka Ling. They will perform the classic song from the Beiyang era FAREWELL (SHUN BIT). Their singing was surprisingly great. However, Jiang Wen also had a new idea and hoped to record a "family" theme song with the entire cast. If it will come to fruition, it will be the strongest film theme song in history.

Ge You and Ka Ling in the film performed a 20s and 30s classic song FAREWELL, the meaning of which was deep and enduring. Ge You was very familiar with this song but Ka Ling was the opposite. Jiang Wen and Ge You became instructors on the set and finally turned it into a duet. Although Ge You has never performed any theme song for any film, he revealed that he loved karaoke and singing Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's songs. Ka Ling's close friends Faye Wong and Natasha Na Ying are both music divas, but she has not had much chance to sing film theme songs. Viewers will be in for a treat.

On the other hand, Lau Ka Ling earlier posted a photo with an "man with facial hair" online with the words "I love you". Many mistook that she was spreading a new rumor. She explained that the "man with facial hair" had an intimate relationship with many divas in the industry. He was top Hong Kong art director William Chang Suk Ping. Lau Ka Ling and he were very close, not only was he the fashion consultant of Ka Ling and Wai Jai's wedding but even her home decoration came from his hands. Ka Ling revealed that Chang Suk Ping was the connection to her LET THE BULLETS FLY role. Ka Ling said, "Because I have worked with Chang Suk Ping before, I learned to radiate femininity." This time Chang Suk Ping again created another classic image for Ka Ling. Her review of working Ah Suk was, "He understands me more than myself, I am very relaxed to hand myself over to him. He knows how to make me into a real woman."

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