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Law Kwan Jor (1959-2010)

Siu Kin Hung made the announcement

Andy Hui Chi On, William So Wing Hong, Law Kwan Jor on an Anita Mui special

Law Kwan Jor as Pauline Tsui Siu Fung
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Mok Chun Yin

Lee Sing Cheung

Siu Kin Hung, Tse Yuet Mei

Ng Lai Chu

Leung Po Ching

Lam Wai

Anna Liu On Lai prayed
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Known as Bun Jai, TVB artist Law Kwan Jor two days ago suffered a sudden heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, during which his heart and respiration stopped for 20 minutes. His heart was beating again but he remained in a coma in the intensive care unit. Bun Jai finally passed away last night around 6:38PM at the age of 51.

With the news of Bun Jai's hospitalization, many friends came to visit. Two nights ago good friends Anna Liu On Lai and Lin Yim Fai came, last night Tse Yuet Mei, Tong Wai Kei and Leung Po Ching (Shun Soh) also came to visit. Shun Shoh stayed in the ICU for five minutes and left, both her eyes were red from crying. She said that Bun Jai was still in a coma but he was breathing. When she spoke to him Bun Jai's breathing suddenly sped up and she believed he was able to hear her. She said that since returning from Canada she has not seen Bun Jai, but Bun Jai said that he would meet her for tea. Tse Yuet Mei hoped that he was fine. By the evening, Bun Jai's friends like Siu Kin Hung, Lam Lei, Lam Wai and Wu Wai Hung arrived

By 6:50PM, Bun Jai's good friend Siu Kin Hung announced the death to the media. He pointed out that Bun Jai passed away at 6:38PM. He tearfully said, "Thank you everyone for your concern. As his friends for over a decade, I am deeply sadden by his passing." He pointed out that Bun Jai looked peaceful and was not in pain so they were all at ease. He said that he came to see Bun Jai one last time. When he spoke to him Bun Jai reacted. He wished the most for Bun Jai's spirit to be able to remain here. Bun Jai had no family in Hong Kong and the details of his funeral will be made later. He said that he knew about Bun Jai's wish and would try to help him fulfill it.

Lam Lei said that he just dined with Bun Jai three days ago and truly never imagined something like this would happen. Bun Jai had a script that remained incomplete. Would they help Bun Jai finish it? Lam Wai said that he did not know what to say because they only talked about this with Bun Jai three days ago. When it will be completed he will tell everyone.

Law Kwan Jor recently suffered from severe diabetes. Because it was not treated in time, last year after two operations that removed his right calf he has been in a wheelchair. Bun Jai was very positive. At the end of last year he even host a singing contest. In January, Hong Kong Regeneration Society presented Bun Jai with an outstanding life award to honor his persistent will to live. He also wrote a book about his battle with disease. Bun Jai valued his relationship. In life he had a deep friendship with Anita Mui Yim Fong. After Ah Mui passed, Bun Jai wrote a book in memory of his late friend. Bun Jai was best known for his work on the HONG KONG 82 television series, the source of his nickname Bun Jai. Later Bun Jai participated in several dozen television series and many films.

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