Monday, November 22, 2010


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Scheduled for a December 4 official release, the holiday film SACRIFICE after releasing Huang Xiaoming's shocking disfigured still recently released a set of Huang Xiaoming "before being disfigured" handsome stills. The before and after effect was stunning.

Director Chen Kaige wanted the before Han Jue to have snow white skin, Huang Xiaoming let his skin tone lighten during the half a year of the shoot; his thick brows at the director's request was shaved into long and thin sword shaped brows for more gentle beauty; he even shaved off the hair above his forehead for the unique early Han Jue hair design. With skin, brow and hairstyle changes, the originally tough looking Huang Xiaoming looked softer and also achieved perfectly the "even men would fall under his spell" effect the director wanted.

For the chop that changed Han Jue's fate in the film, Huang Xiaoming even daringly suggested for the scar to be over his eye. To make the "disfigured look" even more realistic, everyday he spent two more hours than others in make up. Every time he would dropped a scar glue over his eye. Because it was special film production glue, it would cause the skin to tighten and make a gap. "Everyday I had to withstand that scar for over ten hours, it was hard to take." Once during the shoot the artificial blood that was over the scar got into his left eye. The fake blood had chemicals like alcohol and was hard for the eye to take. His eye kept tearing up and by the second day his left eye was so swollen that he could not open his eye. The hospital said that it was a "chemical burn of the cornea". After several painful days of eye washing and eye medication, he recovered. Huang Xiaoming said, "This scar was a big gift from Director Chen Kaige, this chop also opened up my gate to acting. It felt like I got it."

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