Sunday, November 28, 2010


Faye Wong
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The Enjoyyoung Media held its annual award last night. Currently performing in Shanghai Faye Wong could not accept the charity group award in person. Li Yapeng accepted it on her behalf then rushed to the concert to present it to Faye Wong. He revealed that his current production will be his final film and he will never make another film again.

Since founding SMILE ANGEL FOUNDATION, Li Yapeng has been working on a film every year. "In the past ten years I have given myself a regular one film per year schedule. Now I feel I am almost done with show business, whether it is television or film. I am already very satisfied with my performance. In the next ten years I will change. My identity as an actor has become the past. Now I have new goals and dreams, this will be the new job direction that I will work hard on." He stressed that acting was no longer his job but did not revealed what he called his "new job". "I may take 3, 5 or 8 years for this. I am not confident but no matter how hard it is I will persist."

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