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Ella Koon Yun Na in the film MERRY GO ROUND (DUNG FUNG POR) played a drug addict and later suffered from a terminal disease. Koon Yun Na did not deliberately lose weight to play the addict or cancer patient because at the time she was thinner than she is now. She only made the sacrifice for art and performed without any make up. "I didn't feel it was a sacrifice. The director asked me to play this character. I thought it was a lot of fun, challenging and had a lot of potential. This was a rare chance, I never thought about the question of showing my real face."

After taking the role, Koon Yun Na then started to worry whether she could play the role well. She watched many films about drugs and cancer. "During the official shoot, I took a while before I was able to grasp the role well. Luckily I ran into experienced veterans Terry Robin (Kwan), Miao Ho Sau, they were able to bring me into character."

While studying overseas, has anyone tempted her to take drugs? Koon Yun Na said, "Yes, but I wasn't tempted. My parents never told me about the scourge of drugs, but when I was little I already knew drugs were bad and harmful to myself and others. This was irresponsible behavior. Even if I was made fun of as lacking courage or not being friends with me, I wouldn't try drugs." She once ended a friendship with a friend who would not quit drugs.

After making MERRY Koon Yun Na understood that life was short. Death could arrive at any moment, making her cherish everyone and everything around her so she would not miss out. "I have to live in the present. While happily living everyday, I also have to positively work. I haven't seen enough of this world, I still haven't done a lot. I don't want to have any regret when I go!"

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