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Sammi Cheng was the only guest who got a hug from To Kei Fung

(back) Mrs. Johnnie To Kei Fung, Wai Ka Fai, Jook Man Kwan, Lo Hoi Peng, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, To Kei Fung, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Louis Koo, Lam Suet, Amy Kwok Oi Ming
(front) Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Andy Lau, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Nick Cheung, Lam Ka Tung, Lau Ching Wan

Louis Koo Tin Lok

Best Actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Andy Lau Tak Wa
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Lingnan University presented a honorary degree to famous director Johnnie To Kei Fung. Andy Lau Tak Wa, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Lau Ching Wan and his wife, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Anthony Wong Chau Sun were among the 20 some industry friends came to show support. Wa Jai and Sammi dressed like they were the ones
who were getting an award; To Kei Fung's mentor Wong Tin Lam earlier passed away, To said that he would know in Heaven.

A group of artist friends came to witness To Sir's honor acceptance then posed for a photo outside the gates. as soon as Sammi saw To Sir she congratulated him. Both "Wa" also shook his hands to congratulate him. To Sir was somewhat nervous on stage. Later he said, "I have never done this before, it's a little strange to me. I appreciate my friends for coming all this way to support me. I too had an over a hour car ride from Tuen Mun. Sammi and Ching Wan rarely attend these events. I really thank them very much." To Sir said that he will soon reach his 40th year in the business and felt that he only received the honor because this job caught outside attention. In the future he will continue to work hard on movies. Speaking of mentor Wong Tin Lam not being able to attend, he sadly said, "Even if he was alive he wouldn't come. He's my mentor, he knows."

Wa Jai dressed up for the occasion. Reporters joked if he thought he was getting an award. He said, "To Sir is being honored. (Did you bring any gift?) No, but I shot a short congratulation film earlier. In it I talked about how we met." Wa Jai said back then in TVB he and To Sir
were not familiar. Then they were trapped in Changchun when they made A MOMENT OF ROMANCE 2 (TIN YEUK YAU CHING 2) and they gradually came to an understanding. He said, "with him it is a relationship between gentlemen. Back then he said I was an idol, told me not to just sing and to focus when acting." To Sir constantly made new attempts in film. Wa Jai said, in the future he will be willing to continue to be his lab rat because every time they worked together it has been a success. Would he like to receive a similar honor? He said, "I don't have his energy." As for Felix Wong Yat Wa blasting TVB, he said, "I don't know anything about it, I would support him no matter what. I will call him to get an understanding."

Sammi was very happy for To Sir and praised him for his numerous contribution to film. Before To Sir went on stage she even joked, "I hope he would be smarter on stage so the hat matches." Would she like to receive a similar honor? Sammi said that she did not dare as she was already very happy to be in the audience. Sammi decided to treat him to Japanese food to celebration. As for a gift, she said that she was already dressed like a present. Goo Jai hoped that To Sir will make more good movies in the future, continue to shine overseas. As for a gift, he said, "For Hong Kong film, I would give him my heart!"

Cheung Ka Fai said that in recent years aside from Chang Cheh, To Sir should have the most disciples. As for a gift, he said, "He has everything, I only came in support, maybe I will charge him less salary in the future. (After winning seven Best Actor awards your salary rose
tremendously?) Looking around the film industry, I am already the cheapest, the best value, the one with the most rotten life!" Yam Tat Wa said that today he came to "welcome joy" and talked about Wong Yat Wa blasting TVB. He hoped that he could turn GUN METAL GREY (YING GAING) into welcoming joy; "His complaint is correct, TVB only supports its own
children. What he says is absolutely right." Yam Tat Wa also suggested dividing To Sir's cap into 18 pieces. Ten years later they could put them together again and dine together. Yam Tat Wa's brother Yam Tat Wing later will receive a badge. He said that he will take him to dinner and praised his brother for his great contribution to the society.

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