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The film BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER will be released Asia wide on the 25th. Most of the attention of course would be on whether the action scenes will be convincing. As Bruce Lee Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) trained for two months to play the role well. He who never fought was very worried and suffered injury after injury. He did not mind even when he got a nose bleed after the fight!

Lee Chi Ting recalled his first fight scene was already taking flight. His co-star was foreigner Alex. Their fight in a rice warehouse shot for nearly a week. Lee Chi Ting admired how quickly Alex picked up the steps. Instead looking back at his first fight he was truly worried that his response was not enough. Luckily after several rehearsals with Alex the result was decent. Alex was on fire and Lee Chi Ting had to put it out with his hand. This scene took several takes. The team's fire retardant lotion was almost all used up before the scene was roughly done. Lee Chi Ting said that he was lucky, otherwise he and Alex would have been roasted pig and they still would have to keep shooting! However injuries were inevitable in action scenes. Once Alex accidentally hit Lee Chi Ting and caused a nose bleed. He calmly hid and treated the wound. However MC Jin joked that he hid not because he was worried about his wound. He instead asked MC Jin whether the girls saw him get hit and made fun of him. MC Jin did not know whether to laugh or to cry, patted him on the shoulder and comforted him. "Don't worry, they know you are injured and are very worried. No one would make fun of you!" Lee Chi Ting then was at ease.

In another scene in the ring with Alex, Lee Chi Ting dislocated his arm. However due to the tight schedule he only relied on an experienced work to put it back in back. After applying ice on it he immediately returned to continue the shoot. The most severe injury was from an ordinary chase scene. Because he grabbed a sheet metal on the run he suffered a cut. He screamed, "It's bleeding!" Everyone rushed over. Luckily brother Chi Hung treated his wound. Lee Chi Ting said, his finger seemed to have split out, at the moment he felt a little faint.

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