Monday, November 8, 2010


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The holiday film SACRIFICE (ORPHAN OF ZHAO) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing to announce the final edition trailer and theme song. Director Chen Kaige, stars Ge You, Huang Xiaoming, Hai Qing and others attended and unveiled the mystery of the film's final release date.

The theme song DON'T TELL (BUT SHUET) had lyrics that Chen Kaige wrote. Huang Xiaoming on the set praised Chen Kaige as an excellent director with quite a poet aura and very able to shape actors. Speaking of working with director Chen Kaige, Huang Xiaoming was sentimental. "On the set the director was someone who was very serious, he would often personally perform once for him in order to explain to you a scene well. I remember in one scene I needed to kneel in front of Qing Ying and accept the baby that he was carrying. This was an important psychological scene. In order to portray this kneel, the director personally knelt. It was an intense kowtow, at that moment I was very moved." He also said, "How can someone with such real emotions not make a good film."
Yesterday the media asked Ge You about an accident on the ORPHAN OF ZHAO set, as Huang Xiaoming kicked Ge You. Ge You was still shaken. "At the time I was truly stunned. Luckily it was a dirt ground I didn't suffer any major injury. However not far behind me was something metal. If I rammed into it then it truly would have been an accident!" Huang Xiaoming recalled the incident with guilt. "At the time I was too in character, I directly kicked Teacher Ge You until his arms and legs were up in the air. I myself was stunned at the time." Xiaoming said, "I
immediately beg for mercy, all except I didn't kneel in front of Teacher Ge You!" Chen Kaige also praised Ge You's professionalism and said that he in ORPHAN OF ZHAO thoroughly transitioned. He also praised Ge You as a "real actor", "people's Best Actor". Then Chen Kaige bowed in appreciation of Ge You, who was surprised and immediately returned the favor.

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