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Elva Hsiao (Siu Ah Hin) provided her voice to the animated film release next year, OLD MASTER Q (LO FU JI ji SIU SHUI FU JUEN KEI) to the beautiful and able amusement park manager Ms. Chen. Because as the manager she inevitably had to "educate" employees, she recalled how she lectured her brother during her childhood and also her conservations with her grandmother. Because she was often playing next door, Grandma would call out loud to her as they conversed through the air!

In the film Ms. Chen was the object of affection for both Old Master Q and the handsome South Sea Dragon King. Elva said that in real life she of course would choose South Sea Dragon King. Although Old Master Q was rather cute, in the film he kept using the wrong ways to gain favor. The feeling was somewhat short term and was more suitable to be a friend. South Sea Dragon King was handsome and smart, as well as very stable, he should be more suitable!

Elva provided her voice to play Leung San Pak and performed with Rene Liu (Lau Yeuk Ying) who played Jook Ying Toi. When asked whether she had to lower her voice to play a guy, she said that her voice originally was very low. When she just woke up her voice sounded very much like a guy's!

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