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* (2010/11/22) The Poon Yuen Leung directed, Pat Ha Man Jik, William Chan Wai Ting, Carrie Ng Ka Lai starred new film CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN (OFF THE RAIL WOMAN) two nights ago held a wrap banquet. Yesterday was Ha Man Jik and Chan Wai Ting's birthdays so the event not only arranged for a birthday cake but Poon Yuen Leung also presented gifts to them. The director even joked that the pen that was given to Chan Wai Ting was for the future marriage certificate signing. Chan Wai Ting joked that it would be used to sign contracts.

Chan Wai Ting also gave Ha Man Jik who had the same birthday as him a necklace and sexy evening gown. William said, Ha Man Jik was a sex symbol and the sexy evening gown was a sex symbol as well. William said, "Ha Man Jik gave me a phone number, the late four digits of which was my birthday. I definitely will use this number." Did he celebrate with girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin? William said, "I have to fly to Chengdu for work early and be a guest performer at the Emperor New Talent show."

Ha Man Jik said that she was happy to learn that she and Chan Wai Ting had the same birthday. She kept praising William as handsome and mesmerizing. Ha Man Jik said that after completing the promotion she will head to rest in the U.S. She said, "I haven't worked for too long. Recently I made two movies in a row, I really have to rest and catch my breath. I hope to have a chance to make more movies later, or work with William again."

Ng Ka Lai gave birthday boy William a kiss, she did not dare to kiss his cheek. Ng Ka Lai explained, "I don't know if other people would mind. Everyone knows that he has another half. I am afraid other people's father and mother would misunderstand." Ng Ka Lai said that she
was more reserved. If her boyfriend kissed another girl she would feel jealous. She said, "So I wouldn't date anyone in the business. Actors can easily attract rumors." Ng Ka Lai revealed that in the film she and William had bed scenes and she took the initiative. Ng Ka Lai said that
the story was about extramarital affairs but it did not encourage everyone to do so. This situation actually exists in the society and the film hoped to warn everyone.

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