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Ethan Juan, Tiffany Hsu
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Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) jumped from idol series to the film industry and successfully won the Golden Horse Best Actor with his first nomination. Although outsiders suspected that Siu Tin won due to the Golden Horse Awards bias for the "Taiwan Gang", the jury pointed out that Siu Tin won completely due to his expression when he looked back in one scene. It was unconventional and had depth. Reportedly big directors like Ang Lee and Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) were already interested in working with this new Best Actor. Siu Tin two nights ago attended several celebration. Already in tears backstage, Siu Tin continued to be a "crybaby" at the celebration. He also thanked his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu for always supporting him. Agreeing to give him whatever he wanted when Siu Tin won, Tiffany Hsu joked that she would give her boyfriend 100 massages as a reward.

Siu Tin won his first Best Actor, two nights ago after the ceremony he attended four celebration banquets and was in great spirits. Siu Tin first attended the event celebration, then he attended the celebration with Best Actress Lu Liping and the BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) celebration. Later he and girlfriend Tiffany Hsu attended his management company's celebration. This couple at first sat very far apart, then at the request of reporters they toasted and posed for photos. Tiffany Hsu also gave a hug to congratulate Siu Tin.

When her boyfriend won, Tiffany Hsu said that her mind went blank and made screaming impossible. What would she give Siu Tin? She joked that she would give Siu Tin 100 massages as a reward. Would she wed to celebrate? She honestly said that she did not plan to. Speaking of Siu Tin thanking her for her years of support, she said that Siu Tin back then after making idol series thought about quitting, but she always cheered for him. Finally seeing him smile was already enough.

Siu Tin already broke down during backstage interviews and he was still crying during the celebration. He said that he brought Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting)'s cardboard cut out to the stage completely because an early promise. he pointed out that during the shoot they built a very deep friendship. Speaking of girlfriend, he honestly said that he really appreciated her. Whether he was depressed or unpleasant, his girlfriend kept him company. He joked that he was a "troublemaker". He honestly said that he never thought about winning, on the way many have helped him and he was very certain about who they were. Many brothers and fans were very supportive, but he could not thank each and every one of them due to time constraint. He believed that they knew. Siu Tin also said that he was very relaxed at the moment before winning. When his name was called he still was not nervous. At the time his mind was blank. He thanked his grandfather the most. Because he used to be very rebellious and spent many years in high schools. His grandfather always supported him and secretly gave him money. Would he propose to Tiffany Hsu after the award? Siu Tin said that was a different matter. Currently he had to focus on work, he hoped to win another Best Actor award within the next 20 years.

The jury felt that Yuen King Tin broke through his idol image and performed well in the film, in particular his expression when he looked back in one scene was unconventional and had depth. He led in both rounds of voting. Siu Tin's victory was called "the light of alternative Taiwan". Siu Tin said that when he was an athlete he did not become the light of Taiwan. He did not defeat his competition, only this time he was luckier. Performance had no border. He hoped that everyone could put in an effort for Chinese films. Reportedly, after Siu Tin won, big directors like Ang Lee and Cheung Ngai Ga wanted to work with this new Best Actor.

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