Sunday, November 28, 2010


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The Asia Film Expo 2010 yesterday announced that its Most Outstanding Filmmaker of the Past Ten Years will be famous Mainland director Feng Xiaogang. On December 9, Feng Xiaogang will personally attend the closing night of the Asian Film Expo 2010 in Hong Kong and accept the honor.

The event presented the award to Feng Xiaogang because Feng Xiaogang's films for over 20 years have been on top of the Mainland box office. His passion for film has always motivated him to make even greater breakthrough, in addition the Mainland audience highly appreciated his work and won him the "box office guarantee" nickname. Feng Xiaogang in 1994 directed his first film LOST MY LOVE; 2002's A SIGH won five awards at the Cairo Film Festival; his 2003 film CELL PHONE delicately evaluated today's society, leading to the audience's passionate debate and reflection; the 2004 A WORLD WITHOUT THIEVES (TIN HA MO CHAK) mixed action
elements with a battle of wits story, made 130 million RMB and broke the Mainland Lunar New Year box office record. In recent years, Feng Xiaogang tried to keep an eye on both commercial and artistic levels and successfully elevated film quality. His recent film AFTER SHOCK not only rocked the nation's souls but also brought an enormous impact to the Mainland film box office with a 660 million RMB record.

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