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The Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan starred SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI) has been scheduled for a 2011 golden holiday period release. During the four month long production aside from the key actors a group of young martial art monks also became the media focus. The six year only little monk Shi Xiaowei (Xiaolong) caught the most attention, which put Jackie Chan and Lau Tak Wa in a love hate relationship with him. To avoid spoiling him, Shaolin Temple's martial art monk chief commander granted Jackie Chan special permission to hit the little monk.

Yet the six and a half year old little martial art monk was the most able to win people over. Even Jackie Chan spoilt him. Yet while sharing a scene Jackie Chan often did not know whether to be mad at Xiaolong or to laugh. In one scene Jackie Chan led the monks out of the Shaolin Temple. The other young monks were crying reluctantly but Xiaolong could not cry at all. Later he directly told Jackie Chan, "Brother Lung, hit me so I can cry!" Jackie Chan said, "How would I dare to? Now people get charged for hitting children. This generation of children is amazing, they would sue adults just for a random slap! I am afraid of you, no way, no way. Brother Xiaolong please don't mess with me!" Without Jackie Chan's cooperation, Xiaolong could only pretend to cry. Although Jackie Chan did not dare to hit Xiaolong, Shaolin Temple martial art monk chief instructor Shi Yinlu granted him permission to discipline the young monks during his visit. Jackie Chan immediately grabbed Xiaolong and said, "That's great, Master has granted me permission. I can hit you know, after I hit you you can't sue me! You can cry!" Xiaolong coyly hid behind Jackie Chan and snickered, then asked Jackie Chan what granting permission was.

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