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Chen Kaige

Wang Xueqi
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The Chen Kaige directed epic SACRIFICE yesterday held a premiere event. Ge You, Wang Xueqi, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Fengyi, Zhao Wen Zhou, Hai Qing and actors who plyaed older and younger Zhao orphan attended. At the event Huang Xiaoming also performed Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's classic song GETTING OVER IT TOGETHER and brought tears to Chen Kaige and countless live viewers. Premiering on December 4, SACRIFICE will open this year's holiday
slot. Facing Jiang Wen's LET THE BULLETS FLY and Feng Xiaogang's IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2, Chen Kaige quoted Wang Xueqi in the film. "When you don't treat your enemy as enemy, you are invincible." Producer Chen Hong from an investment angle felt that as long as it could make back the investment she would already be very satisfied. Huang Xiaoming said, "SACRIFICE in my heart is a priceless treasure, 3 billion aren't much."

Film producer Chen Hong said that in comparing to the fiery red film market, actor choices were very limited as they were always the same dozen or so people. Thus Director Chen Kaige also hoped to be able to cultivate new film professionals and worked with Huang Xiaoming, Fan
Bingbing, Hai Qing and other actors. Chen Hong also praised Huang Xiaoming's performance, which Chen Kaige liked very much. He was an actor whose true heart and effort could be seen. She also revealed that Chen Kaige would like to continue to work with Huang Xiaoming on his next film.

The event at night was just as full of literary atmosphere. After the director and the actors expressed mutual respect and appreciation, the host asked Chen Kaige to say something to his producer and wife Chen Hong. Chen Kaige selected a very classic phrase -- handing a person's hand, growing old with the person. he explained, "It means I have to properly live a lifetime with her." Chen Hong was teary eyed. Later in the program, many actors who have worked with Chen Kaige like Leon Lai Ming, Zhou Xun, Ge You, Li Xuejian sent their well wishes on video. Finally the screen displayed a Cheung Kwok Wing's video with a very young and green Cheung Kwok Wing remembering the first time he met Chen Kaige in Hong Kong. It felt like time travel. At this time music began and Huang Xiaoming performed Gor Gor's hit GET OVER IT TOGETHER, which brought tears to Chen Kaige and countless viewers' eyes.

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