Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ge You, Feng Xiaogang
courtesy of takungpao.com

The Feng Xiaogang directed IF YOU ARE THE ONE performed well at the Mainland box office, broke 340 million RMB mark and even made Director Feng the first Mainland director to head for 1 billion at the box office. Two years later, Director Feng cooked up IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 with the original team. The film has been scheduled for an official Mainland release on December 22 and January 13 release in Hong Kong.

According to Director Feng, this time the entire film oF IF 2 "obviously was made for fun". He deliberately asked more "guys" to work with, including famous Mainland writer and screen writer Wang Shuo who reunited with him after ten years. Two big men spent a year to create
the script while traveling the world; during the shoot, Wang Shuo even camped out at the Sanya, Hainan set and awaited for Director Feng's orders. He truly was an old friend. At the same time he also asked THE ASSEMBLY's five time Best Actor Zhang Hanyu for help as the narrator.
Although the film has not been released yet, the first poster has already seen the day of light. It continued Director Feng's simple Lunar New Year film style. In it Ge You made an expression that resembled a smile but was not, as a pair of female hands covered his eyes. Who was covering Ge You's eyes? The hand wore a sparkling diamond ring; perhaps it was a sign of a perfect love coming to fruition?

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