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Wong Tin Lin, a director and a producer who has reigning over the film and television scene, passed away last night at the Baptist Hospital at the age of 83. His son Wong Jing made the announcement last night and said that when his father passed, the children were by his side to send him on his final journey in life. The details of the funeral will be announced later.

Wong Jing last night at around 10PM sent a fax to the major newspapers to announce the news of his father's death. He pointed out that father Wong Tin Lam passed away around 8:30PM last night at the Baptist Hospital. Wong Jing left the hospital with a male and female friend at 8:20PM. He pointed out that his father has been hospitalized several times this year, passed away in his sleep. All of his children were by his side as he passed away peacefully.

With family origin in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Wong Tin Lam who was known to many as Uncle Tin Lam was born in Shanghai. In 1935 he immigrated to Hong Kong. His wife was actress Leung Suk Man, while his son Wong Tin was also a famous director and actor. Back then Uncle Tin
Lam under his uncle Wong Peng Yik's recommendation began to work in film in 1947. He has worked as a production assistant, in recording and assistant director among other positions.

His first film as a director was the 1950 THE FLYING SWORD HERO FROM EMEI MOUNTAIN (OR MEI FEI GIM HUP). He was only 22 at the time. later he directed many musicals like THE WILD, WILD ROSE (YEH MUI GWAI JI LUEN), BECAUSE OF HER (GAU NGOR YU HOR BUT SEUNG TA), SONGS OF THE PEACH BLOSSOM RIVER (TOH FA GONG) and many early 60s Hong Kong Shanghai culture clash North South comedy series. Directing over 130 films, in 1959 with the film ALL IN THE FAMILY (GA YAU HEI SI) he won the 7th Asia Film Festival Best Director award. In 2002 he received the Golden Bauhinia
Lifetime Achievement Award.

In the 70s, the Cantonese film era began to decline. Uncle Tin Lam did not work for almost 17 months. In 1973 under Chung King Fai's recommendation he joined TVB as a producer and began his television career. He produced many early Republic and costume series. Among his
(SHU GIM YUN SAU LOK), YESTERDAY'S GLITTER (GAING WA CHUN MUNG), LOVE AND PASSION (MAN SHUI CHIN SAN JUNG SI CHING), and SHELL GAME (CHIN WONG JI WONG). Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Patrick Tse Yin and Adam Cheng Siu Chau were all his favorites. In the 90s, Uncle Tin Lam began to ease out of directing, but he did not retire as he often guest starred in films like Johnnie To Kei Fung's ELECTION (HAK SEH WUI) series and his son's comedy films. His final film was last year's I CORRUPT ALL COPS (GUM CHIN DAI GOK).

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