Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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Jiang Wen's film LET THE BULLETS FLY has been scheduled for a January 13 2011 Hong Kong release, the same date as the Feng Xiaogang directed IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2. Two great directors will begin quite a battle.

Actually this time Feng Xiaogang is "fighting himself" because Director Feng guest starred in LET THE BULLETS FLY. Jiang Wen once praised Xiaogang's acting as extraordinary and said that regrettably he was not a full time actor. "If he focuses on acting, the Chinese film industry star system would change because of him." When asked about this collaboration, Jiang Wen said that it was too short. Due to the lack of time he could only arrange for him to guest star. He looked forward to working with Feng Xiaogang again.

Despite the exchanges between two directors, their relationship was not as intense as the outside world. Feng Xiaogang once said that no one would be able to rival Jiang Wen's commercial film and he particularly wished for good box office for Jiang Wen's film. Jiang Wen also said that Feng Xiaogang touched him the most when he came to star in his movie. Jiang Wen revealed after finishing LET THE BULLETS FLY he had to record a Sichuanese soundtrack and was worried that Feng Xiaogang would not have time due to his own movie. He never imagined that Feng Xiaogang personally provided his voice without hesitation.

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