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Jacqueline Chong Si Man

DaDa Lo
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DaDa Lo Chung Chi
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BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER two nights ago held a screening in Causeway Bay. Attending guests included Jacqueline Chong Si Man, DaDa Lo Chung Chi and Rainbow Woo Sum Lok. Chong Si Man said that her friends earlier watched BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER at the premiere and good reviews came flooding in. She said that she liked to watch action films too. Earlier her boyfriend Deep Ng Ho Hong after watching had nothing but praise as well. Chong Si Man said, lately she has begun studying Thai kickboxing with her boyfriend. "The first practice was very tough, but I wanted to learn something." Chong Si Man said that normally she has watched her boyfriend's training but never thought about learning from him because she was afraid of getting hurt. Her boyfriend will compete in December and she definitely will attend. "I already urged him to be more careful and not to injure his face to keep from avoiding work. However sometimes accidents are inevitable.

Chong Si Man said that when she studied with Ng Ho Hong earlier she accidentally threw a low blow. She said, "After the lesson he said that he didn't wear any athletic support and said that I accidentally kicked him in the important area. He asked me to be careful." Why did she start to learn Thai kickboxing after dating for so many years? Chong Si Man said, "I at first was afraid that he would beat me up when I learn from him, but actually when he teaches, he takes a beating from the students."

Participating in the film, DaDa in the film played Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting)'s sister. She said, "In the film I am more mild mannered, at most I would only pick up a cane and beat my young brother." Formerly a young model, DaDa now is less sexy as she develops toward acting. Her
role models are Karena Lam Ka Yun and Angelica Lee Sinjie as she wants to be a successful actor.

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