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Rose Chan Ka Hung

Jennifer Tse Ting Ting
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Jennifer Tse Ting Ting, Hu Bing, Rose Chan Ka Wun and MC Jin two nights ago attended the Hong Kong International Film Festival 35th anniversary exhibit. Hu Bing was a Sendai, Miyagi ambassador. He said that during the Japan earthquake he was in Tokyo. He grabbed his dog and ran to the streets. He said that now the place lacked water and many resources. Later he will return to Japan to help.

Hu Bing said, "Norika Fujiwara and I will fund raise for disaster relief. I will bring some materials from Hong Kong to Japan. Because many supermarkets in Japan are out of stock, I will bring something for friends." was he worried about radiation? He said, "If I am not worried about radiation it would be untrue, but I have to be a responsible man. Something has to be done. Although my parents don't want me to go, I will go." Hu Bing said that Sendai had anti radiation suits for them. Now he will first return to Tokyo then plan to go to Sendai. However many after shocks occurred in recent days and he did not want to trouble others there. He also said that his home in Japan due to the earthquake was somewhat damaged and should cost a few tens of thousands to repair. However Tokyo properties were very safe and could withstand class ten earthquakes.

Chan Ka Wun recently has been linked to Raymond Lam Fung. She said that she paid attention online to news about Lam Fung and heard that he was hospitalized. She wished him a speedy recovery and said that Lam Fung was very optimistic. Was Lam Fung afraid of taking pictures with girls now? She said, "I don't know whether I would have a chance to work with him again, only then would we pose for pictures together." Tse Ting Ting was asked whether she knew about her brother Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's wedding photo leak. She said that she did not see them. Her brother did not show them to her and she did ont ask her brother to. Maybe they thought they were very private. The event was related to alcohol, she said that boyfriend Andy On Chi Kit and mother were all strong drinkers. Sometimes they would drink together.

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