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Yesterday Eric Tsang Chi Wai, directors Herman Yau Lai To, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, Heiward Mak Hei Yan and Shaw film production director Lawrence Wong Ka Hei and TVB production resource department director Elaine Lok Yi Ling attended the Shaw 2011 film production press conference to announce Shaw's upcoming comedy THE THREE WISE GUYS (FOK LOK SAU), police action film TURNING POINT EXTREME (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM HUNG JUI GIK), inspirational drama TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WAN SIU), suspense thriller THE FATAL CONNECTIONS (TIN GEI BIN), action mob film JIANG-HU YI (GONG WU YI), modern city romance HUNT FOR LOVE (MIK SIK NAM NUI) and THE PASSAGE BEYOND (YUT UK BO BUI).

When Cheng Tan Shui talked about last year's Shaw films he said that the recently the Raymond Lam Fung starred THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU) DVD has been selling very well and joked that because viewers wanted to see Lam Fung's old flame Mavis Pan Shuangshuang in a guest starring role. The producer of most of the new films, Chi Wai was asked whether Lam Fung would be cast. He said that first and foremost would be completing the screenplays, the story came first. Thus he has not reached casting yet. Speaking of Lam Fung would be quite a gimmick for MIK SIK NAM NUI, Chi Wai joked, "When the production starts it would already be old news! However, GONG WU YI has decided to have (Bosco) Wong Chung Chak play an university student who returned from overseas and was forced to join the mob. In the end he became the boss."

When asked about the progress of the show business Japan disaster relief fund raising, Chi Wai said, "After the meeting we already decided to hold a press conference to announce the details on the 24th at 5PM. At 7PM we will head to Radio and Television Hong Kong to record the theme song. In order for the Japanese to experience the love of the Hong Kong people, the theme song will be recorded in Japanese. The lyrics are based on a Japanese poem that Kenji Miyazawa wrote. Tang Chi Wai would be responsible for the music. (What about the disaster relief show?) It will take place at Victoria Park but the date has not yet been set, it will be one day between March 31 and April 2."

Starting today, when a viewer buy a ticket to 1778 STORIES OF ME AND MY WIFE (March 24 release) and UMIZARU 3: THE LAST MESSAGE (April 7 release) for any show of any Hong Kong cinema circuit and any ticket price, film distributor Intercontinental and the cinemas will donate HK$2 to the Japan Fuji Film Channel disaster relief fund.

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