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Alan Tang Kwong Wing's younger daughter Yip Wai (front), older daughter Yip Yan (back)

Wife Janet Yim

Pak Shuet Sin came to visit the Tang family in the company of Lau Chin Shek (left) and Chan Sin Chi

Connie Chan Bo Chu

Chan Suk Fun and Janet are like sisters

John Chiang Dai Wai has known Tang Kwong Wing for years

Lau Pui Kei was a close friend

Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's old flame Daffy Tong Hok Tak

Adam Cheng Siu Chau

Liza Wang Ming Cheun
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Known as the "Student Prince", film industry big brother Alan Tang Kwong Wing Tuesday died perhaps due to a heart attack at his home at the age of 64. Big Brother's daughters Yip Yan and Yip Wai yesterday went to identify the body. Yip Yan even asked reporters not to take photos. After half an hour, they left teary eyed and returned home. In the afternoon Chan Sin Chi helped the over 80 year old Pak Shuet Sin to the home. Later Connie Chan Bo Chu and John Chiang Dai Wai and his wife appeared. Soon, Yip Yan and Yip Wai again left home. Actually they along with Chan Suk Fun went to take care of their father's affairs at the funeral home, the details of which would be announced later.

Appearing in the public less in recent years, Tang Kwong Wing at the 2008 Lydia Shum Din Ha memorial event publicly blasted Adam Cheng Siu Chau for not fulfilling his fatherly duty and take care of Joyce Cheng Yun Yi. Yesterday Chau Guoon and Liza Wong Ming Chuen conducted final rehearsal for their New Century 2011 concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. After 3PM, Ah Jeh with a pair of sunglasses but no make up arrived with her assistants and others . Did she hear about Tang Kwong Wing's passing? She said that she watched the news and said that they never worked together. She said, "We seem to have been in a movie but we didn't have any scene together. He was closer to Fei Jeh. I know they constantly met for dinner. Dai Soh Janet (Mrs. Tang Kwong Wing) sometimes would come to see my show. (Was the news of her passing surprising?) Yes! I always thought he was in great health, great shape!" The last time Ah Jeh saw him was last Halloween. She said, "At the time I drove past Central and suddenly three people in black caught my eyes. He, his wife and daughter were going to a party. I knew that he has always loved his family. (Did you feel he was very cool?) Yes! He studied at New Method (College), my sister went to New Method too so I paid attention. He truly was very cool, he was the Student Prince!" Chau Guoon arrived with his assistant and others at that moment. He only smiled and waved to everyone before rushing into the Hong Kong Coliseum.

In addition, director Wong Kar Wai's career rose after working on the Tang Kwong Wing invested film AS TEARS GO BY (WONG GOK KAR MOON) and DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN). Wong Kar Wai said about his passing, "I always thought Big Brother was a healthy and happy person. Receiving this news I truly feel very surprised and sadden. He was a great friend and boss, the first who encouraged and supported me to become a director. He also shared a lot of experience with me. I would always remember her. I want to send my condolences to his family." Currently working on a series, Nancy Sit Ka Yin after receiving the news was so sad that her voice changed. She had no way to accept the news to be true. She remembered her first film with Big Brother, BUNNY GIRL (TOH NUI LONG). She played the title role and praised Big Brother was very heroic and willing to help people. She also sent her condolences to his family. Today she would return to Hong Kong and call Dai Soh.

Tang Kwong Wing's older daughter Tang Yip Yan yesterday posted online. "Nothing more could be said. Thank you everyone for your support and concern. We need persistent determination to get over the difficult times. I hope Papa's truth, honor, love and other spirits can properly live on with us. We also would continue to ignite and spread his fire of truth to this world. Papa, we love you very much!" Many artists remembered Tang Kwong Wing online. Ellen Chan Nga Lun wrote, "My dear Big Brother Tang Kwong Wing has passed away! Very sad! Too sudden, very hard to accept!" Anita Yuen Wing Yi: "Go in peace Big Brother! Dai Soh please take care!" Lam Man Chung, "Big Brother Wing in my eyes -- Tang Kwong Wing, even when he was waiting for a ride he was still cool! Big Brother, go in peace! We miss you." Peter Kam Pui Tat: "Every time I see a superstar passing, it is like a little piece of my heart fading away. Today is no exception. Tang Kwong Wing, rest in peace. I remember the days of carrying a stool in front of the television and watching you." Filmko Entertainment chair Alex Wong Hoi Fung, "Back then when Mr. Tang Kwong Wing invested in DAYS OF BEING WILD, he withstood the enormous pressure of going over time and budget, finally a classic film was made! Hopefully in Heaven he would continue to support Chinese films!" Yuen Siu Cheung: "I miss Student Prince, outstanding filmmaker, philanthropist, dog loving elder and good papa." Hins Cheung King Hin: "Life is unexpected, I just saw Big Brother on the night of the 25th at a friend's wedding banquet......Elder Tang's reputation would endure and honor would remain." Ada Choi Siu Fun: "Very sad! Miss you!" Jingle Ma Chor Sing: "Big Brother Wing has contributed a lot to film in his life, very sad! I wish you a safe journey!" In addition, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Sharon Chan Man Chi, Monica Chan Fat Yung, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Bondy Chiu Hok Yi and Choi Yat Chi all wished Big Brother a safe journey.

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