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Pat Ha Man Jik, Carrie Ng Ka Lai

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Pat Ha Man Jik, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), William Chan Wai Ting, Carrie Ng Ka Lei and Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) starred, Poon Yuen Leung directed film HI, FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN) and the Anthony Wong Chau Sau Sun, Janice Man Wing Shan, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Lin Li, and Maggie Cheung Ho Yi starred, Law Wing Cheong directed film PUNISHED (BO YING) will hold their world premieres on March 23 and April 4. Yesterday the casts attended the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival press conference and shared their production experience.

Ha Man Jik on stage said that he was very happy to work on this film, during which her state of mind also matured. She admired very much the director's understanding of women's state of mind. Ng Ka Lai said that sometimes she would come up the lines with other actresses. For example the line with "gutter cleaning" came from her and several actresses. She felt that women sometimes would feel lonely too and needed to "cleaned". She worried whether the dialogue would pass inspection but it did not have any foul language. Did Ng Ka Lai have such a need? She said that she did not and later joked that she did. She pointed out that the director wrote lyrics for the movie theme song that was very fitting. Sandy Lam Yik Lin performed it. Many praised it after hearing it.

Ng Ka Lai was asked whether she thought about going off the rail in real life. She said of course she could not because people would talk if she was recognized. In addition she was a public figure and could do so even less. Ha Man Jik heard from friends that the Mainland and Taiwan also had these stores. Earlier Chan Wai Ting also observed one in Hong Kong. However she could not accept it. She joked that even if she went it would not have gigolos who were as handsome as Chan Wai Ting.

Yip Shuen dressed up for the occasions. Her chest had a red mark, which she explained as irritation from being too tired. She said that in the film she had many intimate scenes with Ha Man Jik. In one scene as soon as she finished her lines, she cried. She said that in the film she
had to hold Ha Man Jik, kiss her and coax her. It was truly quite a huge challenge. Would she turn bisexual after the shoot? She joked, "I would think of her and have loving feeling." Who had a better figure between her and Ha Man Jik? She said of course Ha Man Jik. She also said that she was under a lot of pressure while making this film, in particular getting intimate with women. Ha Man Jik after learning that her figure was praised said returned the favor. She also praised that Yip Shuen's performance touched her. Yip Shuen started at TVB, would she return home to make a series? She said that now with film work she would not talk about that. Was she avoiding rumors with new TVB owner Chan Kwok Keung? She said that it was not true and she would not respond.

Chan Wai Ting said that this time the intimate scenes felt like fight scenes, physically challenging. Was he afraid that his girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin would be jealous? He said that his girlfriend was used to major events so she would not be. Would he accept his girlfriend's intimate scenes? He said that he would understand, actors needed to open their hearts.

Wong Chau Sun, Yam Yin Chai, Cheung Ho Yi and other yesterday attended the Hong Kong International Film Festival press conference to promote their new film PUNISHED. Wong Chau Sun in the film played a rich man. The host asked whether it was difficult. He joked that it was not. Was he very obedient of the director's orders? He said that it was not about being obedient and joked that only talented actors would be able to accomplish it. However after the event Chau Sun left without any interview.

Yam Yin Chai in the film played Chau Sun's bodyguard. He said that he and Lin Li had many street fights, but his poor Cantonese turned it into chicken fights. Yam Yin Chai said that in one scene Man Wing Shan was buried. At the time he saw many worms nearby and did not dare to tell her as he was afraid of scaring her. Afterward he did not dare to tell her either. Man Wing Shan said that in the film Chau Sun, Lin Li slapped her at least eight times. Did she want to hit them for revenge? She said that she did not dare to hit them. She said that this time she learned a lot and never thought that she would be able to successfully pass this round. She also said that she has never been slapped before so they were very memorable.

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