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The community public service film DUK WOR 2 (DRUG DISASTER 2) cast yesterday gathered for the production start ceremony. Actors including Renee Lee Wan, Rainbow Wu Sum Lok, Wu Wai Hong, Jason Chung Yat Hin, Miss China 2010 prize winner Cao Yue and Ar Yu (Tsang Bo Ling).

The lead in the film Lee Wan said that DUK WOR 2 promoted an anti drug message. Her friends have never tempted her to do drugs in real life. Did this film ask many "young models" to perform to reflect the once caught drug using "young model" Monique Chau Hoi Ying? Lee Wan said, "All the characters in the film are not reflections of anyone, we just want to bring out the message of how harmful drug abuse is." Lee Wan said that originally she planned to shoot a pictorial collection in Japan at the end of April, but due to the Japan earthquake now it might be relocated to Malaysia or Thailand. Lee Wan said that the collection will be healthy and sexy and not overly revealing.

Wu Sum Lok said that in the film she would not take drugs and would appear as a good student to bring a positive message to everyone. Rainbow later also had to work on a pictorial collection overseas. She said, "Maybe in Korea, Taiwan or Hainan." In the film she and Wu Wai Hung had many scenes with Miss China Cao Yue. Currently 23 she studied at a performing art academy, this was her first performance. She said, "I will start production in April. In the film I play an undercover cop. I like musical performance, but I am very happy to have this chance to try something new."

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