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The Huang Xiaoming starred, Chen Kaige directed film SACRIFICE will open in Hong Kong. Famous for his looks, Xiaoming this time abandoned his handsome image and added a big scar around his eye. Xiaoming pointed out that he did not want ot talk about his personal life
normally because he has worked very harder and did not want his love life to overshadow that.

Huang Xiaoming earlier promoted the film SACRIFICE in Hong Kong . Speaking of playing ugly in the film, he said, "I wouldn't mind, I asked for it. I never thought I was handsome, I want to be able to play different characters." SACRIFICE had many veteran actors. Did he want to play ugly to make himself stand out? He honestly said that he did not dare to show off in front of the elders. Instead he wanted to learn from them. He thought what was inside was the most important, he learned to leave everything outside. Was this production tough? Xiaoming said that he was okay, at least he did not have to learn Japan like he did for THE MESSAGE. The only thing was he had the scar over his eye. Each time required two hours in make up. Because he spent more time with glue on his eyelids than learning to speak Japanese for THE MESSAGE, this time only the eye make up was more painful. Each time he spent two hours in make up, the most painful of course was on his eyelids. Even his cornea suffered burns. He pointed out that her mother was on the set to take care of him.

Did his girlfriend Angelababy come to take care of him? Xiaoming only said that his mother was there always. Earlier Chen Kaige revealed that Baby visited the set. He awkwardly said, "She visited the set." Reportedly Xiaoming's father did not like Baby. Xiamoing frowned and said, "Completely made up. As I have said, everyone shouldn't just look at the photos and talk." Did his family accept Baby? He said, "Don't talk about that, the topic comes to an end here." Baby earlier ran into an earthquake while working in Japan. Xiaoming said that Baby was very strong. Would he meet with Baby in Hong Kong? He said, "I am not avoiding. In recent years I never want to respond because I don't want such news to overshadow my career on the page next day. I work hard, but personal life and work should be separate."

Now busy with the film GUILLOTINE (HUET DIK JI) preparation, Xiaoming was rumored to be at odds with Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin). Xiaoming clarified again, "Don't believe this rumor. When he and I work in Beijing, I always said I would take him to eat whatever he wanted. Absolute nonsense, everything was just rumor." He said that he and Siu Ting were very close. They earlier practiced horse riding earlier and they rode until their rear broke. After one day of training, he just fell on the bed and slept. Siu Tin was envious of his "Kirin arms", Xiaoming said that maybe he was naturally stronger.

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