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Huang Xiaoming in the film SACRIFICE played General Han Jue. In order for Han Jue's image to be more clear cut and convincing, he suggested for director Chen Kaige to add a scar of his face to express Han Jue's tough guy persona and dying determination to protect the orphan of Zhao.

Huang Xiaoming said that in the past he minded very much how the outside saw him as he was afraid that the audience would reject him when he was no longer handsome. However after SACRIFICE, he finally proved that even without his good looks and with outstanding acting alone, he still had the support of viewers. This time his "sacrifice" for the performance even brought an Asian Film Award Best Supporting Actor nomination and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Youth Film Festival Excellent Supporting Actor Award.

Huang Xiaoming gave all the credit of the award and the nomination to director Chen Kaige. He thought that Chen Kaige's thoroughly ruining his face was a big gift to him. Yet speaking of the disfiguring make up, he still grimaced. Although the make up artist already used the best glue for the scar, every time during make up removal he felt his eyes burning. On several occasions he even had to go to the hospital to wash his eye. Luckily the film won word of mouth, box office and awards, which he felt was worth all the hardship. Huang Xiaoming's professionalism from
production to promotion reminded Chen Kaige of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing.

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